Thursday, April 15, 2010

Like lightning on an alien world

Humans like to think that we are the center of the universe and that our planet is so unique. In some ways it is. But as we actually learn more about the universe, we find other worlds share many similarities.

A large number of people on this planet are convinced that we were placed here specifically by some magical being, because they needed to make up some story to comfort them in the dark at night.

But what if the creation of life is a much more natural process? Perhaps it has been repeated many times on many different worlds. Maybe all it takes is the right ingredients and a little spark, and a few billion years later - voila'!

Here is some video of lightning on Saturn.

Saturn, with its majestic rings.

Europa with its liquid water.

Titan with its methane atmosphere.

Maybe the beginnings of alien life are much closer than we had thought. (Unless you're one of the 75% of scientists that believe we're just years away from discovering microbial life on Mars)

The Earth isn't flat. The Sun doesn't revolve around the Earth.  And just maybe, we're not alone in this universe or even this solar system.

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