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From fox to (almost) dog in 50 years

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And how are you wasting your time?

This guy made and mastered his own musical instrument.

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This is the gif

You are now wasting 10 minutes tracking each ball.

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Mouseless mouse usess IR sensors

wow,  i could use one of these

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flying car gets better mileage

The FAA has allowed the flying car to be classified into a lower weight class. It supposedly can get 30 miles to the gallon on the road, and significantly more in the air.

Self folding origami?

I broke my finger, so typing is frustrating right now. That explains the lack of posting. But I could use this device to do all my paper folding for me.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Video Game Engine helps us visualize 25000 barrels of oil

Pretty cool. But there's obviously something wrong with the speed of the barrels as they hit the ground. There should be more interactions and energy transfer when the collide; they should bounce around more.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In honor of SIR Patrick Stewart

So this happened a couple of days ago:

That's right, Professor X (or Captain Picard, depending on which generation you grew up in... heh get it? Generation.  Sorry.) is now a knight of the realm.

So here are some of my favorite Patrick Stewart moments:

Very symbolic.

Defiant till the end.

Pissed off.


Obsessed and vengeful, but still dignified

The great communicator

Playing Devil's Advocate

A star-crossed lover

The comedian

Did I mention 'dignified'?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HOLY SINKHOLE! Picture Roundup

So yeah, there was a big storm in Guatemala which caused an unbelievably huge and deep sinkhole.  A "huge", "deep", "sinkhole"... remind you of anybody?

Got on the google and found what appears to be two different sinkholes.  But since it's about 2 am here, I don't have the energy to clear up the confusion.  If anyone cares to enlighten me, please leave a comment.

Hole #1

The roads appear to be pretty perpendicular and the hole is pretty much right at the intersection.

Hole #2

The second hole is not quite in the middle of the intersection and crosses the outline of a building that it presumably destroyed.

What gives?  I'm guessing by the sheer number of pictures available that the second hole occurred some time ago and people are running the same pictures (mistakenly) in their stories for the current sinkhole. 

So what the heck is wrong with Guatemala that they keep getting these gigantic sinkholes?  Is it a direct connection to hell?  Is someone there dividing by ZERO?!?

Oh, and also, "This is no cave..."

[via: thefrogman]

That explains why I do this blog

Not a lot of hard numbers in this, but an interesting idea and some nice cartoons.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The JJ Abrams Guide to Storytelling

Having watched all 6 seasons of LOST, but not a single episode of Fringe, and feeling like the Star Trek reboot was manipulative and predictable, here's what I've noticed about J.J. Abrams productions.

1. Start with A Pregnant Lady in Danger!

As seen on Lost many times:

Claire - kidnapped

 "My BA-BY!"

"Your BA-BY!"

Sun - pregnant women mysteriously die

 "What happens to pregnant women on this island?!?"


Ben Linus's Mom - actually dies

 "So, your dad tells me that you killed your mom. . ."

As not seen in Fringe:

Episode 2:  Lady dies after giving birth to a kid that ages super fast.

Applied to Star Trek:

Kirk's Mom - saved from an exploding starship

2. Add Some Daddy Issues

As seen on Lost many times:

Jack - keeps seeing his dead drunk of a father who he can't live up to.
"Boo! I'm not dead. I'm 'Zombie Dad'!"

Locke - his dad is a con-man who pushed him out of a window and stole his kidney.  And then Locke ends up letting Sawyer kill him.

"I'm so glad I found you!"

"No, I'm sooo glad I found YOU!"

Kate - She killed her dad!

"Mmmmm, crispy"

Ben Linus - He killed his dad!

"Happy Birthday!"

Claire - her dad knocked up her mother and then left them

"Did I mention that I'm a womanizer too?"

*Bonus: Aaron (Claire's son) - his dad knocked up his mother and then left them.

As not seen on Fringe: 

Episode 1. Dr. Bishop's estranged son is needed for something

Applied to Star Trek:

Kirk's dad saves a lot of people as he dies, so Kirk grows up not knowing him and not being able to live up to him.

Spock's dad married a human, making Spock an outcast from birth.

 "I used to be a teen idol, now I'm playing old ladies.  I'm old, and so are my fans!  Oh well, at least I'm not in jail *cough*Lindsey*cough*"

3. Spice Things Up with a Cheesy Love Triangle

As seen on Lost many times:


"I'm needy."

"I'm horny!"

"I'm a slut!"


 "I'm needy."

 "I'm emotionally unavailable."

"I'm creepy!"


"I'm needy."

"I'm horny!"

"I'm a slut."


"I'm controlling."

"I'm submissive."

"I'm just trying not to get killed! And I'm a little bit horny."


"I'm creepy."

"I'm a slut."

"I'm creepy, and a little bit horny."


 "I'm crazy!"

"I'm hungry!"


As not seen on Fringe:

Season 2, Episode 6. yadda, yadda, yadda

Applied to Star Trek:

Kirk-Spock-Uhura, because who cares about cannon or tradition.

 "Didn't you know that hot girls choose nerds over jocks?"

4. And Finish with some B.S. Time Travel

As seen on Lost many times:

There was a time displacement that interfered with radio communications

"I'd explain more, but I'd just come off as a whiney space cadet."

Overzealous use of flashbacks, flashforwards, and flash-sideways.

"You got us! We admit it. We were just f*cking with you!"

Some of the losties get teleported back to the 1970's when Desmond turns the failsafe.

But first they have to bounce around in time a bit.

"Does any of this make any sense to you?"
"Am I gonna die?"

Then, only some of the Oceanic 6 get teleported back to the 70's with them.

"Uhhh, where'd everybody go?"

And finally they all get teleported back to the 'present' when the nuclear bomb detonates.

 "If I were pregnant right now, this would be an awesome scene!"

As not seen on Fringe:

Season 2, Episode 17.  Robocop guest stars to do something with time travel.

Applied to Star Trek:

The Romulans travel through time to .... bah, who cares.