Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Morning Roundup

*The NYtimes has an interesting piece on charter schools.

*Richard Dawkins on some Australian debate show.  He does a good job of convincing others that the bible (along with other religious texts) belongs in schools, just not the science class. But he loses points for wearing his ridicule on his sleeve.

*The Gulf oil spill as seen from space.

*President Obama being funny! Almost makes Jay Leno leave in tears at the White House Correspondents dinner.

*Jay Leno, still not funny.

*President Obama being serious. At my alma mater! Go Blue!

*Coco still not legally allowed to talk bad about Leno, NBC. But now legally allowed to be on TV.

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* Fun kids clothing concept that will ultimately prove annoying.

And it's not so cute when not on a kid.

*This cat doesn't like it when you make the baby cry.

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