Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HOLY SINKHOLE! Picture Roundup

So yeah, there was a big storm in Guatemala which caused an unbelievably huge and deep sinkhole.  A "huge", "deep", "sinkhole"... remind you of anybody?

Got on the google and found what appears to be two different sinkholes.  But since it's about 2 am here, I don't have the energy to clear up the confusion.  If anyone cares to enlighten me, please leave a comment.

Hole #1

The roads appear to be pretty perpendicular and the hole is pretty much right at the intersection.

Hole #2

The second hole is not quite in the middle of the intersection and crosses the outline of a building that it presumably destroyed.

What gives?  I'm guessing by the sheer number of pictures available that the second hole occurred some time ago and people are running the same pictures (mistakenly) in their stories for the current sinkhole. 

So what the heck is wrong with Guatemala that they keep getting these gigantic sinkholes?  Is it a direct connection to hell?  Is someone there dividing by ZERO?!?

Oh, and also, "This is no cave..."

[via: thefrogman]

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