Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Writing Excerpt

So in my spare time, I'm trying to write a novel. Here's an excerpt of a scene that came to me in a dream last night. let me know if you think it's any good.

“I am curious, you seem like a sensible man, why would you join the dark lord’s army? I have asked this question of many men from many different armies.

“And what did they tell you?

“Oh, the usual. They fight for their nation, for peace, for freedom. Some of the more foolish mentioned glory.

“So will there be no glory between our two sides?

“Perhaps for some. But what of you? You didn’t answer my question...

“I..., I joined for a wife’s lies.

“That she’ll be safe and alive and happy when you return?

“Yes, and also for my own lies.

“That’ll you be safe and alive and able to return.

“You seem to have answered your own question. So you see... I had little choice in the matter.

Suddenly, shouting erupts from down the corridor.

“The prince!” “Save the prince!” “Wizardry!” “Demon Magic!”

Cal Agamon turned and sprinted back towards the chamber where the infant prince was under guard. To his left and right, the walls seemed to be writhing and coming to life. The painted red trim along the corners was bulging out and twisting like some kind of monstrous snake.

As he burst through the doors, he turned and commanded the guards to bar them with metal poles. But as he looked around the room, all he saw was the color red, and all of it was pulsing with the ungodly heartbeat of new life.

“RED! We must get the prince away from anything painted red!” And with that he picked up the swaddling bundle and ran for the stairs. By now, the gigantic demon snakes from the walls had ensnared many of the guards and the rest were engaged in fighting. Many lifeless bodies were strewn around the floor. With the babe in one hand and his sword Saviour in the other, he hacked his way past the open mouths full fangs and forked tongues towards the exit.

In moments he found himself outside and heading towards the yellow desert. Alone.

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